The Solar Process

Submit your utility bill and usage

Providing your utility bill will allow our solar design experts to determine the exact system that suits your needs.

Qualify your home

Before any homeowner goes solar they must first make sure their home and roof are suited for renewable energy.

Solar Power System For Home

Install your system and save money from day 1

Get your system installed and turned on so you can save with clean energy.

Solar Power System Saves Money

Find out how to get $500 and give $500 to a local school of your choice.

SunCore Power gives every customer the opportunity get $500 and give $500 to a local school of your choice

Text: "Give Local" to (928) 218-3823


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Solar Expensive?

No, Solar costs less than your current electricity provider, and our new programs allows you to switch for $0 out of pocket.

How does Solar affect my home?

When done right Solar will increase the value of your home and make it more appealing to potential buyers.

Should I worry about my roof?

SunCore only provides top of the line service. What this means is every system installed comes with a 10 year roof guarantee and 25 year warranty on the system itself.

What if I plan on moving?

SunCore's partners make it easy to transfer the Solar over to the new homeowner. So if you are not the one using the electricity you will not be the one paying for it.

What if I am not qualified for the tax credit?

If you do not qualify for the tax benefits that come with Solar, SunCore also provides leasing options so you can save with no hassle. solar-leases-and-solar-ppas/

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