Is Solar Energy Expensive?
No! Solar energy will be less than what you are spending on your current electric bill if done properly.
Also, we have programs available that allow you to switch to solar for $0 out of pocket
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Solar adds value to your home and can be an attractive feature for potential home buyers and
all of our solar packages come with a 10 year roof warranty so you have peace of mind.
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Why Choose SunCore Power?
Every System installed will be backed with a 20+ Year Warranty
We at SunCore Power recognize the importance of high quality products backed with a 100% guaranteed service.
Our team is taught to treat customers like family and provide the best solar experience possible for each and every client that lets us help them achieve energy independence.
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How much will solar save me?
The amount of savings solar will provide you will depend on your location and local utility provider.
However, the average homeowner saves at least 20% or more immediately on their monthly power bills. Overtime this only increase because your solar payment will stay fixed while Utility Companies constantly raise their rates to keep up with inflation. See how much you can save by filling out a quick solar survey
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