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Electricity prices have always been on the rise in Colorado, and there’s little reason to believe that’s going to change any time soon. There’s another way to power your life, though, a way for you to take charge of your electricity use by going green and saving money with Colorado solar panels.

The latest solar panels can provide you with consistent and reliable electricity and even serve as the sole source of power generation for your home.

Every month you’ll have the great feeling of not having to deal with recurring electricity bills. Instead, you’ll be able to save more money without having to compromise on anything. Solar power can be a fantastic choice for any home, and Suncore Power is the Colorado solar company to help you make it a reality.

The Best in Colorado Solar Panels

With Suncore Power, you’ll be getting friendly and knowledgeable service from real professionals. Your Colorado solar panel installation will provide you with years of reliable power, so it’s best to make sure that installation is done right. We only work with top-of-the-line equipment to ensure that you get nothing but the best.

We have everything needed to meet any of your Colorado solar needs. Our team will take care of everything and leave you confident in your new installation with a 25-year warranty on your solar panels. We work with experienced solar electricians who specialize in this field to ensure a reliable installation.

Not only that, but Suncore Power provides a variety of financing and leasing options for anyone interested in solar power.

Residential Solar Power in Colorado

Suncore Power works with a variety of quality brands, including Tesla, LG, Enphase, and more. This variety lets us ensure that you get exactly what you need from your solar panels and other essential solar components. Our fine selection includes products like:

● REC 365-watt panels
● 370-watt Silfab panels
● 420-watt Tesla panels
● Tesla power walls
● LG Chem batteries
● Enphase inverters
● Solar Edge inverters

Together, these components can provide you with versatile and robust power for your entire home. There are many financing options available for our dependable solar power systems, which we stand behind with excellent warranties on various components.

Professional Installation

You can’t risk such an important installation on inexperienced installers. Instead, going with Suncore Power gets you professional installation from our certified and A+ Better Business Bureau accredited partnered installer. From start to finish, our solar company in Colorado is flawlessly professional.

APB Electrical installs Suncore solar power panels and systems to meet the highest standards for safety and all essential Colorado electrical codes. If you want a Colorado solar panel system that is effective, reliable, and safe, Suncore Power is the choice for you.

Colorado Solar Panel Maintenance

Your solar panels can provide reliable power for years, but they need effective maintenance to keep doing so for as long as possible. The dirt and debris that can accumulate on your panels can reduce efficiency, leading to less power generation. Suncore Power provides solar panel cleaning services here in Colorado.

This cleaning keeps your panels running efficiently and can help get the full lifespan out of them. Regular cleanings every six months can provide for both of these needs, giving you reliable power and the capacity you need for years to come.

Maximize the Benefits of Colorado Solar Panels

As a solar company in Colorado, Suncore Power helps many homeowners take advantage of the many benefits that are available for solar power installations. These include a wide variety of rebates and tax incentives that can increase the value of your investment both short and long term.

You might be surprised by just how affordable solar power can be. While it can take a significant investment to get started, there are so many different options available. Suncore Power has a CPA available to ensure you’re getting the most that you can.

Colorado Solar Panel Incentives

Colorado is the sixth-sunniest state, with over 240 bright and sunny days each year. As such, there are many initiatives pushing for more solar power for homes, businesses, and large-scale generation. You can take advantage of Colorado solar power incentives to get your solar power setup sooner and for less.

The property tax exemption for residential renewable energy equipment can reduce your property taxes by excluding the solar power system’s value from your tax assessment.

This exemption means that even though your solar power system has increased the value of your home, you won’t see this value boost reflected in increased property taxes.

Colorado Solar Panel Tax Credits

Colorado solar panel installation lets you take advantage of the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit. This 26% federal tax credit lets you reduce your annual tax bill based on the cost of your solar power system. The time to act on this benefit is now, though, with a phaseout of the program beginning in 2023.

Colorado Solar Panel Rebates

Both of the major power companies in Colorado, Excel Energy and Black Hills Energy, allow for net metering. This setup means that excess electricity produced during peak hours by your grid-tied solar power system is counted as a credit against any power bills.

The net result of this arrangement is that even if your system isn’t sized for complete independence, you can still reduce your energy bills even further every day the sun shines.

Various solar rebates are sometimes available from utility companies for the installation of solar panels, along with some from the federal and state governments. Taking advantage of these kinds of rebates can greatly reduce the initial investment you need to start saving money with solar power in Colorado.

Suncore Power: A Colorado Solar Company That Cares

When you choose Suncore Power for your solar company in Colorado, you’re getting a lasting commitment from our team. We strive to build lasting relationships with our valued customers, providing excellent quality in installation, maintenance, and service.

You might be able to get started sooner than you think with the variety of $0 down financing options and leasing arrangements we have available. With Suncore Power, you can save money on your power bills for years to come with this valuable investment.

Rest assured that the durability and reliability of your solar panel system are backed by our 5-star service and dependable warranties on major components. Your solar power system installation will also include a 10-year roof warranty and an extended 25-year warranty on the solar panels themselves.

We work carefully with you to make sure you’re getting a system that meets your needs, and we stand behind that. If your new solar power system isn’t delivering the guaranteed capacity, we’ll provide the necessary repairs and adjustments to remedy the situation.

Suncore Power can also provide you with a variety of additional home upgrades to provide even greater energy savings and other great features.

Whether it involves installing the latest Nest smart thermostats or an upgrade to your home’s insulation, we can address areas where you’re wasting power. We cover an extensive range of electrical services, so please feel free to ask about any of your energy needs.

Learn More About Colorado Solar Power for Your Home

At Suncore Power, we always explain everything clearly to our customers and are happy to answer any questions you might have. We’ll break down all of your options to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Our on-site engineers have the experience and knowledge needed to address any of your concerns. We’ll make sure that you get the solar power capacity and features that you need for your home, and we provide the learning resources needed for you to truly understand your solar power system.

Colorado Solar Panel Installation with Suncore Power

To start enjoying the benefits of Colorado solar power, you can reach out to Suncore Power today. Our team can design the perfect solar power system for your unique needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get a free estimate on your solar power system.