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SunCore Power offers full service for residential solar installations in multiple states across the U.S.A
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Our Mission

Here at SunCore Power it is our mission to make it easy and convenient to deliver clean and affordable energy to our clients

Leading Solar Panel Installion & Sales

Are you interested in transitioning away from harmful fossil fuels to sustainable solar energy? Want to save money on utilities while also doing your part to protect our irreplaceable natural resources? Ready to learn more about the benefits of solar energy but not sure where to begin?

If this sounds familiar, then it is time to connect with a great solar panel sales and installation partner like Suncore Power. We know this page is labeled “About Us'' and we will gladly share a little about our company and mission in the next section.

However, Suncore Power is a client-centric company that is committed to serving our customers by providing them with top-of-the-line equipment, an easy-going sales experience, and a professional installation. That's why we wanted to kick things off by discussing your needs when it comes to solar energy.

Who We Are

Suncore Power is one of the premier solar panel installers in the nation. Currently, we operate within 32 different states and are constantly exploring ways to expand our service area.

We primarily serve residents along both coasts and across the entire southern edge of the United States. Some of our biggest markets include Florida, Texas, California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and the Carolinas.

Don't see your state listed here? No worries, as we likely offer solar panel sales and installations in your state if you live in the pacific northwest, the southwestern United States, the northeastern corridor, or anywhere along the east coast.

Suncore Power is dedicated to making it easy and convenient for residential customers to access clean solar energy by harvesting the power of the sun.

Our solar panel installers are efficient, professional, and friendly. We believe that every homeowner should be able to access solar energy and are doing our part to make that dream a reality.

What We Do

Unlike some other solar panel sales companies, Suncore Power does not use "bait and switch" tactics. These tactics occur when the company selling the solar equipment outsources the installation to a third-party contractor.

We are truly full-service solar panel installers, which means that you will be dealing directly with Suncore Power staff for the entire lifecycle of your equipment.

Specifically, Suncore Power provides our clients with:

Stress-Free Solar Panel Sales

Many consumers are hesitant to request a quote for any goods or services out of fear that they will be bombarded with sales calls and spam emails.

This fear is understandable, as far too many sales companies engage in high-pressure tactics in order to convince you to make a purchase. You won't experience any of that when partnering with Suncore Power.

At Suncor Power, we believe the quality of our products and the service that our solar panel installers provide speak for themselves. As such, we use a no-pressure sales approach.

When you submit the requested information to our team, we will build you a custom quote based on your unique electricity consumption patterns. From there, we will confirm that your home is suitable for solar energy and finalize your quote.

Suncore Power wants you to have an enjoyable and stress-free purchasing experience. If, after receiving a quote, you decide not to proceed forward with the installation, we will part ways as friends. Just know that we are always ready and willing to help should you have a change of heart.

Professional Solar Panel Installations

If you make the easy decision of joining our thousands of satisfied customers, we will arrange an appointment with our solar panel installers. Our highly experienced installation team will deploy your products quickly and efficiently so that you can start saving money the moment your system is activated.

Suncore Power not only provides world-class installation services, but we also back our work with an exceptional warranty. All system installs have a 10-year roof guarantee and a 25-year warranty on your equipment.

On the rare chance that a problem arises, our solar panel installers will be available to assist. Our warranty covers issues such as faulty equipment and other problems that may negatively impact system performance. We will repair or replace any systems with malfunctions that fall within the scope of our extensive warranty coverage.

Our Solar Panel Installation Process

Clients rave about Suncore Power’s seamless solar panel sales and installation process. Our process can be broken down into four easy steps, which include the following:

Submit a Utility Bill For A Solar Panel System Quote

In order for our solar panel sales team to provide an accurate quote, we will need a copy of your utility bill. Depending on the time of year and where you live, our team may request multiple utility bills so that they can gauge your year-round energy consumption.

For instance, customers who reside in warm clients such as Florida or Texas will likely have a higher energy bill during the summer months.

Assessing your household’s energy consumption is essential to designing your custom system. Our professionals want to ensure that your system produces enough energy to meet your demands. Without completing this vital step, it would be difficult to identify the correct system for your needs.

Qualify Your Home

After our solar panel sales team reviews your utility bills and average energy consumption, they can provide you with a quote. If you elect to move forward, we will need to qualify your home. Unfortunately, not all homes are suitable for solar due to their geographical positioning, environmental factors, roof shape or style, etc.

The qualification process is quick and efficient. Our solar panel installers will promptly assess your home so that they can give you the green light or let you know what action should be taken to make your home suitable for solar.
For instance, large trees that shade your roof may have to be trimmed, or severe roof damage might need to be repaired before panels can be installed.

Schedule Your Install

Once the Suncore Power team has confirmed that your home is eligible for solar panels, we will arrange your installation. Our solar panel installers will book a time that aligns with your schedule in order to make the process as seamless as possible.

While the exact length of each solar panel installation will vary, our experienced crews can typically complete a job in approximately four to six hours. Especially large systems may take slightly longer, but virtually all installations are completed in a single day.

You will not need to be present during the appointment unless our crew needs access to your garage to install some of the equipment.

Save Money With Solar Panels

The final step is both the easiest and the most rewarding. After our skilled solar panel installers have deployed your system, all that’s left to do is activate it and start saving money.

Many clients are shocked at how much they save by switching to solar. Solar costs are less than the fees charged by your utility provider. Oh, and did we mention that Suncore Power offers a new program that allows you to switch for 0$ out of pocket?

That's right; qualifying customers can get their custom solar panel system installed with no money down. You can settle your final monthly utility bill and then transition to your much lower solar panel installment payments.

Why Choose Suncore?

Suncore Power offers our clients great service, a no-pressure sales process, and a warranty-backed professional solar panel installation. That is why countless clients have turned to Suncore Power to help them achieve their clean energy goals. Would you like to join our list of highly satisfied customers?

If so, then take advantage of our simple solar panel sales process. To begin, all we need is some basic home and contact information, along with your utility bill. One of our friendly sales agents will contact you shortly in order to gather additional information and review your quote.

Alternatively, you can call our team directly and learn more about our services.

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Here at SunCore Power it is our mission to make it easy and convenient to convert your household to Solar Energy. Contact us today to make the switch.

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